We place enormous importance on food and meal times

For many of our clients, lunch is the
highlight of the day and something that gives great enjoyment…

Clearly food needs to be varied, nutritious, appetising and wholesome and our cooks work hard to meet these exacting criteria, but it also needs to be ‘safe’, stored appropriately and produced in a clean and safe environment – and to that end we have been the proud recipients of 5 STARS Food hygiene since January 2009.

We have some ‘special’ diets including, celiac, diabetic, vegetarian and soft meals for those with swallow difficulties (S.A.L.T. Team) all of which are catered for on an individual basis. For the majority of our residents a typical day of food could look like this…

Breakfast (around 8am): Choice of cereals, toast, porridge, eggs, juice, tea, coffee (we sometimes have special requests like bacon/sausage etc)

Lunch (12 noon): We offer a 3 course lunch starting with soup freshly made from the days vegetables (this is very important, especially for those that are poorly, as it is a great way of giving wholesome food), choice of two hot mains, then a pudding or fruit

Tea Time (4pm): A choice of a hot option like crumpets/mushrooms on toast/hot dogs etc or sandwiches and cake or pudding to finish

Supper Time (around 8pm): Cheese and biscuits or cake for those that want it. We introduced the supper time primarily for those that were diabetics as little and often is the way to keep steady blood sugar levels, plus it is a nice thing to have in the evening before bed. This round is served with the widely requested Horlicks or hot chocolate, and/or the tot of whiskey!

In February 2014 we changed the milk order from semi-skimmed to full fat, the logic being that our frailer residents needed the additional energy in the milk as their appetites lessened. (We still buy semi-skimmed for the staff!).

We source our vegetables from a local wholesale greengrocer called Griffith’s who deliver every day. We have been so impressed with their level of service and quality of their produce that we now also have all our milk and bread from them as well.

We source our meat fresh or frozen from a local butcher called Shipleys who get the majority of their meat from local livestock. The result is the quality is excellent which means our residents enjoy it more and eat more and so the wastage is greatly reduced. Our other foods come from a family run firm called Birchalls who deliver once a week but provide us with great quality produce and excellent service.

Finally I must mention that we are blessed with two excellent and imaginative cooks (and a third relief cook) who are passionate about their trade and produce fantastic menus which are regularly reviewed (and brilliant birthday cakes!) Where do we excel (other than daily) – our parties and Christmas Day!

Healthy Eating Award – Statement from the Management

It may sound contrite, but we have on film one of our residents saying ‘it was the cook’s home-made soup that saved my life’ (Promotional video will be launched soon) and it is quite simply the truth. We make home-made soup every single day at the Home. It is always made from the days fresh vegetables (plus the other magical ingredients that our cooks use like herbs, spices, stock and cream). We believe that it has proved to be a life-saver on a number of occasions, not least this gentleman, as it is easy to eat, very nutritious and it tastes GREAT!

We have had several Service Users regain their strength after illness largely because of the soup. It has provided them with the strength and nourishment to get well in difficult times. Sure we are proud of all the food we produce in the Home and we take very seriously importance of good nutrition, but I would cite our soup as something special.

Neil Robson – Director

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